Immersia is a freediving school located in the heart of Bondi Beach. We offer the only Freediving Courses in the Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs for anyone from 100% beginner to full amphibian.

If you love to explore new sensations and experiences, you will love freediving. It offers a chance to get out of comfort zone, into new environments, and into your own mind. Plus, it looks pretty cool. To find out more about the life-changing benefits of freediving, check out 5 ways freediving changes your life. Right now, freediving in Sydney is bigger than ever and hundreds of new freedivers and spearfishers are getting into the water every day.

Freediving in morning light rays at Bondi Beach
Freediving at Bondi Beach

Immersia Philosophy

As the popularity of freediving and spearfishing grows, so do the number of accidents. Almost all freediving accidents happen as a result of failing to follow basic safety procedures, and by divers pushing themselves far beyond their limits. The growing number of spearfishers in the water also has an impact on our environment, and that’s more apparent in Bondi than anywhere else in in Sydney.

The Immersia Mission: To make freediving safe, fun and accessible for everyone.

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Bella.

I’m a Sydney-based PADI freediving instructor and blogger. I created Immersia Freediving to share my passion for freediving with people who are looking for their next adventure.

Bella, freediver and owner of Immersia

When I first started freediving back in 2017, I was a mess. I was a sloppy swimmer, and I was scared of sharks and deep water. I’d usually be the only woman in a course, surrounded by experienced spearos. I also found the broader freediving community to be a bit ‘elite’ (thank you to the comments section of every freediving post ever).

Since that time, I’ve dived to depths and times I never thought I would achieve. More importantly, freediving has let me access places and feelings that I would never have otherwise known. I’ve worked with students and friends who are getting into freediving and dealing with those same issues I faced. And I love coaching them through it.

I want Immersia to be the place where those new divers can explore this world with confidence, knowing how to protect themselves, their buddies, and their environment.

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