Immerse yourself in the unknown

If you’ve ever been curious about life under the sea, or you want to learn a little more about the weird world of freediving, you’ve found the right place to start.

Immersia is for the adventurers who love to explore new sensations and new experiences beyond life on the surface. It’s a place for stories, tools, techniques and inspiration to help you jump into the world of freediving at your own pace, without ego, and without taking stupid risks. You’re welcome here as a total beginner or as a full amphibian. Just no assholes please.

Bella, freediver and owner of Immersia

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Bella.

I’m a Sydney-based freediver, training to be an instructor, with a big fuzzy love for being underwater. I created Immersia to share my passion for freediving with people who are looking for their next adventure.

Immersia is a place for anyone who has thought about freediving, but hasn’t known where to begin. It’s a space where absolutely anyone can take part, without worrying about looking stupid.

When I first started diving, around 3 years ago, I was pretty terrified of the open ocean. I was a sloppy swimmer, I was scared of sharks, and I didn’t want to know about the ocean unless I could see a nice sandy bottom underneath me. I was even more terrified of looking like a tit, and getting caught doing the wrong thing.

Since that time, I’ve dived to depths I never would have dreamed about and held my breath longer than I thought possible. Freediving has let me access places and feelings that I would never have otherwise known (I’ve also made myself look like a tit many times). And now, I love working with new divers who might be struggling with the same things.

A lot of people have told me that they want to try freediving – BUT – there’s something in the way: fear of the water, fear of being a shitty diver, cost of a course, access to a course. I was lucky to have friends and coaches who helped me take those first steps, and then I took freediving courses in Sydney, Philippines and Bali. I finally achieved my Wave 3 Advanced Certification with the Molchanovs school during Deep Week in Bali.

I want Immersia to be the place where those new divers can explore this world with confidence, and have the tools and knowledge to prepare them for freediving courses and underwater adventures.

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