Freediving Courses in Sydney

Make the most of your time on earth by exploring what's beyond dry land.

At Immersia Freediving, we want to share the world of freediving with the whole of Sydney, because we believe that everyone has got something to gain from this incredible sport.  What makes us unique is our deep understanding of what it is to be a total beginner in the ocean. We’ve been there, and we’ve come out the other side, with the best hobby in the whole world. Now it’s your turn. 

No matter what level you’re at, there is something that we can offer you. We believe our experiences to be the best freediving courses in Sydney, because we give a shit about student experience. We want YOU to fall in love with this world. If there is a way we can help you learn to freedive in the best way possible, we want to hear it. 

Have a browse of the courses we offer and please, get in touch!

Freediving Taster

Build Confidence and Try Something New
$ 275
  • Learn How Freediving Works
  • Extend your Breath-hold
  • Practice Freediving Techniques
  • Learn to use Breathing as a Tool

PADI Freediver Course

Create a Solid Foundation
$ 499
  • Learn Freediving Physics & Physiology
  • Build Breath-Hold and Mental Relaxation
  • Equalisation and Diving to 16m Deep
  • Learn Rescue and Safety SKills

PADI Advanced Freediver

Take it to the Next Level
$ 569
  • Practice Advanced Equalisation
  • Build Depth Adaption and Awareness
  • Ramp up Safety and Rescue Skills
  • Dive up to 25m Deep

Regular training and social dives

As we ease out of lockdown please stay tuned for more information on our regular pool training and depth training. Make sure to sign up to our mailing list and follow out Instagram (both at the bottom of this page) for updates!