Freediving Courses in Sydney

1-Day ‘Experience Freediving’ Intro


1 day | AU$275

1 day | $275

You will learn what happens to your body when you freedive, and how to
connect your breath and mind to achieve relaxation. You’ll build the skills to dive
beneath the surface safely, and explore the underwater world.

PADI Certified Freediver Course


2 days | AU$499

2 days | $499

You’ll learn the science of freediving, and the skills to confidently dive to depths of up to 16 metres. You’ll also learn how to keep yourself and your buddies safe in the water.

Line Training


2 hours | AU$70

2 hours | $70

During this coached session we will work on building confidence, comfort and
technique to help you dive deeper, safer and happier.

Pool Training


2 hours | AU$28

2 hours | $28

We’ll practice dynamic and static drills to build your skills and teach you to love
breath-holding. We’ll also squeeze in some games and bubble-ring practice!


Why should I take a course with Immersia Freediving?

Freediving is growing at a huge rate, and there are more freediving courses in Sydney than ever before. It can be hard to choose the best freediving instructor, as there are so many out there, and each freediving school in Sydney has its own style.

Here is what you can expect from Immersia Freediving:

  • Bondi Beach Locals – our Bondi freediving courses are the only courses in Sydney that run all components of the course within walking distance from each other. The course is public-transport friendly; no car required
  • We offer 1 day freediving experiences for anyone who is curious but not yet ready to take the big leap
  • Courses can be tailored to the needs and experience of the group
  • Professional photography packages are available
  • We will hire gear for you – there is no expectation for you to go and buy a full freediving kit
  • All courses incorporate fun-dives to give everyone the chance to play with their new skills

Here are the values that you’ll find across all courses and training:

  • IT’S YOUR OWN JOURNEY – Your strengths, struggles and reasons for being freediving are your own, and our courses are environments without judgement or pressure.No assholes here.
  • HAPPIER > DEEPER –  We want to help you find your happy underwater, whatever that means. It’s not all about depth or time.
  • SAFETY BEFORE STYLE – Safety is kinda sexy, but it is VERY important. Everything we do, we do safely.
  • DON’T SH*T WHERE YOU EAT – Freediving in Sydney’s beautiful ocean lets us experience nature in a way most people never will. We try to leave it better than we found it.

Find out more about your instructor, our values and philosophy. 

Who can take a freediving course?

Freediving is a sport for anyone to get involved in. You don’t need to be an athlete, a scuba diver, or a natural water baby. We will learn the skills to help you build your ocean confidence and freediving skills from zero. 

However, there are some minimum requirements to help keep you safe in the water:

  • The minimum age is 16, and we need a parent/guardian signature for under 18s
  • You must be able to swim 200m in water
  • There’s a medical form to complete before the course begins to make sure you have no pre-existing serious conditions. If you do have any conditions, we will ask you to get permission from your doctor before freediving
  • We can’t let you freedive if you have scuba-dived within the previous 24h 

Who can take part in line training or pool training?

For line training and pool training, all divers must have one of the following certifications or equivalent

  • AIDA 2
  • Molchanovs W1
  • PADI Freediver
  • Apnea Australia Stage A
  • SSI L1

If you want to join pool training but have not yet completed a certification, get in touch and we can talk!

What gear will I need?

  • Mask and snorkel
  • Fins (snorkelling/scuba fins are ok, but freediving fins are better)
  • Full-body wetsuit – at least 3mm thick; ideally 5mm
  • Weight belt and weights

All gear is available for rent – book using your booking form, or contact me at least 72h before the course.

What else should I bring on the day?

  • Swimmers
  • Towel (I suggest bringing 2 towels)
  • Refillable water bottle 
  • Go-Pro (optional)

We will break for a quick lunch. There are lots of cafes around to buy food, or feel free to bring your own.

How should I prepare for the course?

  • I will send out forms and access to the PADI online system before we begin. Please scan the materials and complete the knowledge review before the course begin.
  • Eat a large, healthy breakfast! We will break for lunch but I strongly recommend to eat a very light lunch before diving.
  • Do not drink coffee, tea, or any other caffeine or stimulant – it will make it really hard to hold your breath!
  • Do not take drugs before or during the course, as it may have a negative impact on your body’s response to breath-holding and diving.
  • Browse the blog and get inspired! There are some simple, beginner-level articles on how freediving works and the basics of equalisation
  • Chill and don’t worry about the course 🙂 It will be a lot of fun.

Do you offer group discounts or private training?

I offer private training, experiences and full certification courses for up to 4 people.

If you have a group of friends who want to take a course or experience together, get in touch and we will work something out. I can even tailor the event to your experience and goals.

What’s your cancellation policy?

Commitment problems? We get it.

If you cancel:

  • At least 10 days before the start of the course:- full refund
  • Within 10 days of the course:- No refund (exc gear rental and photo package)

If we cancel a trip due to low numbers, availability, etc, you will receive a full refund.

For weather, conditions, pandemics and other events outside of our control:-

We will endeavour to plan ahead and issue refunds if we  truly believe that a course will not go ahead.

If the open water section of the course has to be called off at late notice due to conditions, you’ll have the opportunity to return and finish the course later without paying again.

If you’re unable to join future courses, we will work out a partial refund based on how far you got through the course.

We will always do our best to help our customers. Please also be mindful that this is a small business offering courses to small groups. Late cancellations can have a major impact .