Experience Freediving 1-Day Intro

a 1-day Freediving Intro Course for anyone who wants to try freediving before diving in all the way.

1 day

During this one-day experience, you will learn:


Get to know each other

The science of freediving

Breathing workshop

Ocean safety skills


Relaxation and breath-holding

Using freediving gear

Moving underwater

Safety skills practice



Critter spotting

Skills practice

Playing and photos


We are the only freediving school in Sydney offering Freediving intro courses!

We know what it’s like to be a total beginner in this weird world of freediving. We often get these kinds of questions and concerns from students:

  • “I can’t hold my breath for very long”
  • “I’m too scared of the ocean”
  • “I can’t freedive because I can’t equalise my ears”

We hear you. 

That’s why we’ve designed this 1-day freediving intro course to guide you slowly under the surface.


If you love it after one day (we think you will), you can continue with your full certification bu attending a second day within 6 months!


*Gear rental + photo packages available (additional $)

Contact for private classes and group pricing’


Want to find out more about this class and other freediving courses in Sydney? Check out our FAQs or get in touch with us!