SeaBees Ocean Clean-Ups in Sydney

SeaBees Australia
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About SeaBees

SeaBees is a community of freedivers, scuba divers, snorkellers, swimmers and beach walkers who love the ocean and are passionate about protecting it. We organise casual ocean clean-ups in Sydney, Australia, every two weeks.

SeaBees was started in May 2020, when the APL England cargo ship lost some its containers. It sent tonnes of single-use trash into the ocean off Sydney. Corinne brought together a group of freedivers and scuba divers for our first ever clean-up. We pulled out a huge pile of single-use plastic packaging, utensils, fishing line and golf balls. We were even lucky enough to spot two huge bull rays and a turtle whilst cleaning up.

Since than, Corinne and Olimpia have teamed up to keep organising ocean clean-ups every fortnight around Sydney. SeaBees is turning into a family of ocean lovers who are sick of trash and want to make a difference. We have a lot of regulars, but also want to meet more people passionate about the ocean.

SeaBees Ocean Clean-up pile of trash

Ocean Clean-Ups in Sydney

Come and join us one Sunday around Sydney to get involved in the ocean clean-up!

Plastic Free July
Photo by Susan Rajska

To find out more, feel free to send me a message, of get in touch directly with the SeaBees gang on:

How Else Can You Get Involved?

If you don’t live in Sydney, don’t worry. You can still be active in supporting SeaBees and other clean-up and ocean conservation groups globally, and you can always make positive changes in your own life to help to protect our oceans.

As a starting point, here are some ways to reduce plastic in your life. Plastic is the main culprit in ocean trash, and in order to reduce the amount of plastic ending up in oceans we need to reduce the amount we use. This article also contains sites and resources to educate yourself further about plastic waste and the impact its having on our oceans.

If you want to organise your own cleanup in your local area, here are a few tips:

  • Check out the guidance on organising a clean-up event on the Ocean Conservancy Page
  • Use social media to promote the event to local groups
  • Agree a location and get any permits you require
  • Plan an environmentally friendly event which discourages creating any more trash. At SeaBees, volunteers bring soup and everyone brings their own cup
  • Set up safety guidelines and share with volunteers. These guidelines will depend on the type of clean-up. At SeaBees, we welcome scuba divers, snorkellers and freedivers, but we ask all volunteers to organise their own gear, buddy and have the relevant experience and certifications for the activity
  • Get in touch with local businesses for collaboration opportunities. It’s great if you can find local sponsors to provide things like trash bags or discounts on equipment rental
  • Plan a strategy for recording and logging data about the trash you found. You can use the Marine Debris Tracker app or CleanSwell
  • Take photos and celebrate the win